Welcoming all to live, love, grow and serve.

Welcome! We're so glad you found us! We're excited to meet you! 

As restrictions are slowly lifting we are working toward in-person services.  We currently hold 1 service each week at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.   This service will also be live streamed over our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.  We continue to use digital platforms to accomplish our mission of welcoming all to live, love, grow and serve. 

Our offices are open and operating at regular business hours.  8:30am  - 4:30pm Monday - Thursday.  8:30am - Noon on Fridays through August.

What's Going On???

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  • Sympathies to...

    The congregation would like to extend its condolences to:

    The family of Richard Lewis Kafader on his passing on 6/11/21.

    Kelly Dean & Jorge Mata on the passing of Kelly's brother, David Dean on 7/3/21.

    Rick and Kathy Stanco on the passing of Rick’s father and Alex and Danielle’s grandfather, Richard Frederick Stanco Sr. on Sunday, July 11th.


    Mark & Tammy Forrest on the passing for Mark's mother and Jacob Forrest and Emily Forrest Hutchens' grandmother, Margaret Forrest Hall on 7/5/21.

  • Prayer Requests

    Let us lift up the people you love who are in need; whether they are sick, carrying a heavy burden, mourning the loss of a loved one or they just need to be lifted up, let us help.  Click the image to be lead to our prayer request form. 


    Join us here every Sunday for live-streamed services. 

    Each service will begin at 10:00am!!

    We work very hard to provide a quality service both in-person and through live-stream.  However, as technology can often be unpredictable, we ask for your patience and grace.  In the event of technical difficulties, the service will be recorded and posted shortly after its completion.

  • 10:00am In-person Worship

    We now offer an in-person worship service at 10:00am on Sunday mornings.  Check back often for any additions of updates to our service schedules.

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    Take us with you wherever you go!  Our mobile app will allow you to get notifications on updates and events in a timely fashion.  Be informed on upcoming events, the information and any registration needed.  Click the image to the left for instructions and access!

  • Weekly Newsletter, "The Vine"

    We are a very busy church!  In order for our congregation to stay up-to-date with upcoming events, details, weekly calendars among other things, we publish a weekly newsletter, The Vine.

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    For more information regarding The Vine, contact Dana Bird at dana@jumc.org

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