Weekly Lenten Prayer Focus

The Prayer Warriors have created a list of suggested prayer focuses for each day from Ash Wednesday to Easter.  See the list below.  Each Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm, a list for the upcoming week will be posted here and through our Facebook page. Click the image for a full view.

For more information, contact Phyllis Allen (336) 420-9362


"I AM" the Body of Christ Food Drive

The Missions Committee at JUMC, along with Pastor Greene, have developed a creative way to stock the pantry shelves of Helping Hands during the Lenten season.  Our church has overwhelmingly supported food drives during COVID and this is another way for us to show our love.

On Sunday February 21st, begin collecting food according to the chart.  During this time read the passage listed for that week every Sunday.  Pastor David will be offering sermons to accompany this passage of scripture.  It is understood that you may not be able to purchase every item on the list, but we encourage you to select one or two items each week as possible.  Do what your heart leads you to do.

Jesus invites us to follow him on His journey to the Cross.  During Lenten season we invite you to get into a posture of being in the Body of Christ in order to know more about Him.

Join us at the side parking lot on Saturday, March 27, from 11am - 1pm to drop off your collected food, no matter how much you have.  Jesus is "The Bread of Life"; "The Light of the World"; " The Good Shepherd";  "The Way, the Truth the Life";  and "The True Vine."  Come journey through Lent knowing what Jesus gave for you and me, while generously giving to others in need.

If you have questions about his mission, contact either Tricia Seymour, (336) 456-6991 or Rachel Ruth,
(336) 803-1879.


Baskets of Love

This will be our 14th year of offering our Baskets of Love!

This year, we’ve offered 2 opportunities to drive through to pick up a basket and receive a name

from the list of homebound members.  These baskets will be filled and beautifully decorated

and delivered to our members on the list.  This year, the baskets will be delivered by the members of the congregation sometime during Holy Week (March 28th - April 3rd).


"This year more than ever our homebound folks need this Basket of Love to brighten their day," explained coordinator, Phyllis Allen.  "It's been a very hard year for everyone, but think if you could not get out at all, wouldn't this brighten up your day knowing someone cares and loves you."

In the past thirteen years JUMC has overwhelmingly supported this project sponsored by Circles of Faith, Friends, Hope, Love and Peace, and we once again ask your kind consideration.  If you have any questions regarding this ministry, please contact the church office.

Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for a Hoppin’ Good Time | Sunday, April 4th | 10:00am

Children, ages preschool through 5th Grade are invited to participate in our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Check-in is at 10:00am at the JUMC Playground and back field. The Egg Hunt will begin at 10:30am.

*Remember to bring your Easter Basket!

Due to current COVID protocols this event will be limited to 50 participants.  Pre-registration is required by April 3rd. To register, click the image below.  Ages 2 and older will be required to wear a mask and encouraged to social distance.

Upon arrival you will need to check in before entering the playground or participating in the egg hunt. For this reason, please plan to arrive no later than 10:00am to allow for this process and so we can begin the egg hunt at 10:30am. If you also plan to attend the 11:00am worship service following this event, a separate registration and check in will be necessary. You can scan the QR Code below to register for worship.

Your understanding is appreciated as we attempt to return to some “normal” during these uncertain times.

Lenten Vespers

In order to provided spaces and opportunities to pray Erin Betlej hopes to provide a way for people to connect to others both digitally and/or in person.  Starting on Tuesday, February 23rd and continuing every Tuesday evening through Tuesday, March 23rd Lenten Evening Vespers will be premiered live on Facebook and YouTube at 7:30pm.  It will include a welcome, opening prayer, responsive psalm, scripture, prayer and bedtime prayer.  There will be evening Vespers every night during Holy Week.

In addition to these Vespers, The Prayer Warriors we have provided a list of suggested prayer focuses for each day from Ash Wednesday to Easter.  Each Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm, a list for the upcoming week will be posted here on our website and through our Facebook page.


College-Age Lent Bible Study

A Lent Bible study, led by Erin Betlej, will begin on February 21st for our College-Age ministry.  You will meet on a Zoom call.  If you would like to participate, click the image to the left.  Erin will be in touch with you for the Zoom call information.