Masks Recommended

Under the recommendations of the WNCCUMC Bishop in response to the current rise in COVID cases in our area, we are re-instating our recommendation of the wearing of masks at all large indoor gatherings including worship services. We apologize for the inconvenience but stay committed to the Wesley spirit of “doing no harm” by erring on the side of caution.

As we share this information, we must regretfully postpone the July Jubilee Covered Dish luncheon previously scheduled for this coming Sunday. Our plans for one worship service at 10am in the Sanctuary will continue as scheduled.

8:30am & 11:00am Worship in August

The Will of God

Life doesn’t always turn out as we had planned.  The unimaginable happens and we are left asking “why?”  Why did God let this happen?  Does everything happen for a reason?  This sermon series based on Leslie Weatherhead’s best-selling book, “The Will of God.” 

Join us each Sunday, at 8:30am & 11:00am as we discover and think about who God is and what God desires for us.  We can better understand the way God is at work in our own lives and in the world.


9:00am on Main in August

Back to the Movies

This August Nine on Main is going “Back to the Movies” - wayyyyy back!

With sermons based on the Bible, Erin will use some of your favorite black and white classic movies as a tool to see how specific themes of the movie interact with the truth of the Bible.  Invite a friend. We’ll save you a seat because you matter. 

You belong. We want you here!


Join us as we take on the challenge of reading the ENTIRE bible in ONE year starting September 1st!

Wait. You’re asking me to do what?! Yep - read the whole Bible in a year. You won’t be alone. The entire congregation will be journeying together as we make our way from Genesis to Revelation. Don’t think you can sit down and read the Bible from cover to cover?

Think about it in terms of smaller, daily goals. Instead of being overwhelmed at the thought of the entire Bible, break it down in your mind to a commitment to read a short selection from the Bible one day at a time. You can do that – especially since The Bible Year has it all mapped out for you day by day.

The daily readings are mapped out for us in "The Bible Year" by Magrey DeVega. Each day guides us to a short selection from the Bible plus a small concise devotional every day. We strongly encourage each family unit to have at least one copy of this book to guide you through the year.

On September 4th, David, Erin and Wendy will begin preaching on select passages from the weekly reading in a sermon series called "The Bible Year."

For the next year, we will be immersed in the stories of triumph and defeat; murder and deception. We will navigate through family drama, models of friendship and so much more! Some of the scripture texts will stretch David, Erin and Wendy in new and exciting ways from the pulpit. You will also have access to podcasts of some great theological minds as they examine and explore the Bible. These will be shared each Wednesday. We even hope small groups and Sunday school classes will take on the challenge of walking through the small group bible study together! This year is not just about Sunday morning. It’s about committing to something new and different. Conversation and study. Together. So that we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

We aren’t the first church to take on this challenge, and we won’t be the last. It turns out that a year of immersion in the stories of the Bible helps us to see our stories in a new light—there is provision, there is purpose, there is hope. This is how we make disciples for the transformation of the world.

This is how we can be revived and renewed.

The Bible Year encourages us to read the Bible together.

The Bible Year encourages us to read the Bible in its entirety.

The Bible Year reminds us to take the Bible seriously, without having to take all of it literally.

The Bible Year helps us read the Bible hopefully.

The Bible Year helps us read the Bible regularly.

Call To Action

Members, we need your feedback!  Sunday, July 10th we held a Call to Action meeting to share plans and ideas we have moving forward out of Covid. These are plans for how we can better improve various aspects of our church, as a whole.  If you were unable to attend this meeting, you can view the meeting here.

We ask that you participate is our survey mentioned in the video.  Click HERE to access it.

Office Hours

The church office closes for lunch between 1:15 - 2:15pm Monday - Thursday.  We close on Fridays at 1:00pm. During these times, you will receive a message recording when you call and the doors will not be monitored for building access.  If you have an appointment with a staff member, that staff member will meet you at the door to let you in. There will be no one to let you inside the building unless you have an appointment.