Summer Celebration; End of the Bible Year

Over the past the past 10 months, since September 1st, the entire congregation has been on a journey together from Genesis to Revelation.  We will wrap up the final books of the Bible over the next few weeks, ending July 19th. Didn't think you could sit down and read the Bible from cover to cover? We have and we did!

After 46 sermons, we end the way we started – with the story of a creative and redemptive God who gathers us in to transform something old into something new.  We will see you on July 16th for one joint service of worship at 10:00am in the Sanctuary followed by a potluck lunch to celebrate summer in the Fellowship Hall! 

The Bible Year

As you begin The Bible Year Journey, we have listed several options and opportunities to help you stay engaged.

Click the image to download.

Bible Recommendations

Any version of the bible is acceptable. The Daily Devotional and Sunday Worship will utilize the
New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). 

We recommend:

  The NRSV Daily Bible


The NIV Study Bible.

The Reading Plan

Assigned scriptures each day ~approximately 2-3 chapters per day, sometimes more, depending on the book and the length of the chapters. Scriptures are listed in the Daily Reading Plan.  Copies can also be found at the Welcome Center, or the entryways to the sanctuary

and fellowship hall; in the weekly bulletin; through daily app notifications. 

Each Sunday's service at Jamestown UMC will engage a portion of the weekly readings. Worship is on Sundays at 8:30am, 9am, and 11am in person or via the church Facebook and YouTube pages at 11am.

You can also find previous services HERE.

Daily Devotional Journal

An optional yet valuable portion of this study with summaries and overviews of what you will be reading. The Devotional Journal offers daily reflections by the author as well as space to note your reflections. The Bible Year Devotional can be found on Amazon.

Insightful teaching from a team of gifted preachers and writers, who each week appear in a brief video that is available online with Amplify Media. This online resource makes the videos available to you wherever you may be. 

Go to:

Enter our access code: FPJMBD and create your own free account. (Please remember your username and password as we do not have access to assist you in recovering this information.)

Podcast: Bible Projects 2020

The podcast is hosted by Mat Hotho, their Director of Worship Technology. Each week, Mat and his guests seek to bring fresh insights and applications to that week’s Scripture Readings. The podcasts can be accessed from one of the following apps: Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Once you have one of these apps installed on your device, just search “Bible Project 2020” to subscribe to the podcast.


Spotify requires a subscription and login however, it is free and have several more songs.


Both have mobile apps that can be added to your mobile devices.