LENT 2022

Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begin on Ash Wednesday and will end on Holy Saturday.  The Lenten season is traditionally marked by fasting, repentance, and preparation for the coming of Easter. By observing the 40 days of Lent, we as Christians are replicating Jesus Christ's sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. 

Lent is a time of reflection so join us on this pilgrimage of perspective and insight through our sermon series, "The Way" beginning March 6th.

For more information regarding our Lenten Journey for 2022, take a look below.

Walk With Us During Lent

Thursday mornings at 10:30am beginning March 14th

For millennia, a pilgrimage has been a way for believers to show their faith. You’re invited to join Erin and others for a Lenten walking group (our form of a local pilgrimage).  This group will meet at the church, walk together around the local neighborhoods and pause for a devotion at Wrenn Miller Park before returning to the church. We’ll walk on Thursday mornings from 10:30am – 11:30am, starting March 10th and ending April 14th.  While the walks will not be strenuous, we do ask that you’re able to walk at least a mile. Looking forward to walking and journeying with you throughout the season of Lent.

These walks will continue after Easter however, will be a 8:00am instead of 10:30am.


Holy Week Nightly Vespers

For our Holy Week journey together we will move through the Stations of the Cross.  Each night we will pause and reflect on a few of these stations until we reach the cross and tomb on Good Friday. The stations are accompanied by selections from the JUMC chancel choir presentation of
Once Upon a Tree.


Holy Week

  • Palm Sunday - April 10th

    This Sunday observes the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem that was marked by the crowds who were in Jerusalem for Passover waving palm branches and proclaiming him as the messianic king.

    Three services 8:30am, Nine on Main and 11:00am

    The ROCK@5 Children's Choir will sing at the 11:00 service.

  • Chancel Choir evening Easter Cantata - April 10th at 7:00pm

    Once upon a Tree

    The original words and music by Pepper Choplin will immerse you in the passion and intensity of the events of Holy Week. As the character of Luke is deeply touched by the story he is recording, the choir and soloist assume his role in the drama. Starting with Palm Sunday, it eloquently moves through the major events up to Good Friday and finally Easter.

    Under the direction of Dr. Marc Foster.

  • Nightly Vespers | 7:00pm | Virtual Stations of the cross

    Each night of this sacred week, we will offer virtual vespers which will include Stations of the Cross.  Music selections from our Lenten Cantata, "Once Upon A Tree" will also be featured.

    As with all of our worship offerings, we invite the Community to join us in this opportunity to participate.  The Stations of the Cross represent events from Jesus’ passion and death. Each station allows us to reflect prayerfully upon Jesus’ suffering, Death, and Resurrection.

  • Maundy THursday Service - Thursday, April 14th

    Tenebrae: A Service of Shadows at 7:00pm

    Tenebrae is a prolonged meditation on Christ’s suffering. Readings trace the story of Christ’s passion, music portrays his pathos, and the power of silence and darkness suggests the drama of this momentous day. As lights are extinguished, we ponder the depth of Christ’s suffering and death; we remember the cataclysmic nature of his sacrifice as we hear the overwhelming sound of the “strepitus”; and through the return of the small but persistent flame of the Christ candle at the conclusion of the service, we anticipate the joy of ultimate victory.

A Day of Celebration

On Easter Sunday, April 17th, we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead which occurred on the third day of his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary. 


Easter Sunday Events


  • Live Virtual Sunrise Vespers


    Grab your coffee and join Erin, Easter morning, for Sunrise Vespers.  Once we are sure of the scheduled time of sunrise, we will confirm the time of the live-stream.


  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Children, ages preschool through 5th Grade are invited to participate in our Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

    *Remember to bring your Easter Basket!


  • Easter Sunday                     

    Join us for Easter Sunday Morning Worship at 8:30am, Nine on Main or 11:00am. 

    **Bring flowers to help decorate the cross.  Don’t forget your cameras for those Easter pictures too!


Lenten Weekly Vespers through April 5th

Journey through the Gospels as you’ve never done before: through the lens of bread.  In our time of Virtual Lenten Vespers, we will discover the nearness of God, who meets us on our hands and in our bellies via bread.  Each week as we gather together we will examine a scripture passage, learn a little bit about bread and bake a recipe that pairs with our weekly theme.  If you’re interested in trying each of the recipes, we'll post a link to them here.  We look forward to journeying with you through this season of Lent, each Tuesday at 7:00pm starting March 8th on our Facebook and YouTube pages.