Virtual Postings

Jamestown United Methodist Church is a very active and engaging church.  However, as with many churches and other businesses throughout the world, we have had to make concessions for the safety of our community and congregation. 

During this time, we have and continue to offer many different ways to stay engaged with your church and your faith.  We offer weekly prerecorded worship opportunities that offer a quality worship experience from the comfort of your own home.  While we know there's nothing like worshiping in the house of God, your safety and well being are of the utmost importance.

In addition to our weekly prerecorded services, we also provide "Musical Interludes", a weekly newsletter, "Coming Up" promos, Staff Moments and Storytime for Children.  All of these items are posted on our Facebook page and our mobile app. Worship, Musical Interludes, Coming Up promos and Staff Moments are also emailed out.  If you'd like to receive these items and our weekly newsletter, you can subscribe here.


Weekly Virtual Postings


  • Musical Interludes

    During the onset of the COVID pandemic, in order to stay connected with our congregation, we would post a new piece of music featured by one or more of our members. Through the many talented members of our staff and congregation, we are able to worship and praise God through the music that they share with great love.

    Take a listen, and you'll see why music is such a large part of the life here at JUMC.

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  • THursday Staff Moment

    Also during the time of the pandemic we sought ways to continue to minister to and keep the congregation engaged.  One way was to produce and post videos of our Ministry Staff saying a few words.  Some provided music and some offered devotions and some even posted a little humor. 

    This playlist will give you a few uplifting moments to reflect upon.

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