"Summer in the Psalms"
A Summer Sermon Series

150 chapters full of songs, prayers, powerful imagery, heartfelt laments and journal entries.  The Bible calls these 150 chapters the Psalms. It’s longest book of the Bible.  But what purpose do they serve?  Why should we read them?  Where are they leading us?  The psalms are meant to connect the truth of God and our experience of God. They connect our everyday wanderings with the heart of God.  In June and July we are going to walk through the Psalms looking for and exploring the depth of who God is, what God is up to and what that means for our lives in the here and now.  Join us each week for worship on Sunday at 8:30am or 11:00am (in-person and online) for traditional or at 9:00am for contemporary.



The following is a recommended process for reading and praying the Psalms.


Read through the Psalm slowly. Absorb the words and make a note of verses that stand out to you. Write out some key verses.



Take time to right out some insights, ask questions, and seek clarification for things that confuse you. I recommend having a good study bible available to clarify issues you might face.



Does this text provide instruction, encouragement, revelation, conviction? Write down what God is teaching you through the text.



What is God saying to you in the text? What do you want to say to God in light of what you have read? Remember, prayer is a two-way conversation.

*A reading schedule will be posted prior to the beginning of the series.

Music Playlists

The psalms were always meant to be sung. As you read through the book of Psalms and

worship with us this summer, enjoy these artist’s as they sing the psalms.

We offer two options for you to choose from.  YouTube does not require you to subscribe

or to create a "login" but has limited songs. 


Spotify requires a subscription and login however, it is free and have several more songs.


Both have mobile apps that can be added to your mobile devices.